Windows 8 won’t launch in VirtualBox

Problem: Windows 8 Consumer Preview won’t launch in VirtualBox with an errormessage (looks like the Windows 8 bluescreen 😉 ), “an unexpected error has occurred, Error code: 0xc000260”,

Solution: tick the checkbox “Enable PAE/NX” checkbox in the System/Processor settings, and Windows 8 will launch the installation.

Oh, by the way, two minutes later, you will need a serial key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

Error message:


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4 Responses to Windows 8 won’t launch in VirtualBox

  1. Sleepy93HUN says:

    I tried to install windows 8 to VirtualBox but i got this error same you …
    I accepted the “Enable PAE/NX” checkbox in the System/Processor settings, but windows 8 always write that your pc needs to reset … i reseted my virtual pc but not good :S what can i do with it?

    • Sti says:

      You can try playing with the other settings.
      Here’s the other possibly relevant settings I have (probably most are default):
      General Basic:
      – OS: Microsoft Windows
      – Version: Windows 7
      – Base memory 1024MB
      – Chipset PIIX3
      – Enable IO APIC on
      – Enable absolute pointing device on
      – Enable PEA/NX on
      – Enable VT-x/AMD-V on
      – Enable nested paging on
      Video memory is 27MB, no acceleration

  2. mike says:

    tried your suggestion also but then got a black screen with 0x00000000a error

  3. Sti says:

    Take a look at How to solve the error “Code: 0x0000000A” – maybe you need to enable the virtualization feature in your machine’s BIOS

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