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Remove UKash malware

Just removed the first virus (not from my machine) after several years of virus-free happiness on Linux Here’s how to remove the Austrian variant of the UKash virus, which threatens that the Austrian Federal Police (Bundeskriminalamt) will get at you … Continue reading

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Windows 8 won’t launch in VirtualBox

Problem: Windows 8 Consumer Preview won’t launch in VirtualBox with an errormessage (looks like the Windows 8 bluescreen 😉 ), “an unexpected error has occurred, Error code: 0xc000260”, Solution: tick the checkbox “Enable PAE/NX” checkbox in the System/Processor settings, and … Continue reading

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Online Gross Net Calculator for Austria

Recently I whipped up a small online calculator app (Brutto Netto Rechner, Gross Net Calculator) for fun. The most interesting insights were – cross-browser Javascript compatibility still sucks. I had to make several runs with IE (6, 8, 9, … Continue reading

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