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Create Ftp User Restricted to Home Directory on Ubuntu

After googling for some time, this is simplest solution that I found for creating a user that is limited to the home directory and has only ftp access on Ubuntu. Do as root: Update: the previous solution involved using vsftpd.chroot_list … Continue reading

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ElasticSearch Color Search

For the color search on Pattern Design(a great platform for vector designs), I recently created a color search query powered by Elasticsearch. Try it, it works great. In the schema mapping the average color is stored as an integer averageColor … Continue reading

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Grails ClassNotFoundException: DefaultSecurityConfig running from IntelliJ

If you run into a “ClassNotFoundException: DefaultSecurityConfig” running Grails tests from IntelliJ IDEA, with the stacktrace below java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: DefaultSecurityConfig at SpringSecurityCoreGrailsPlugin$_closure1.doCall(SpringSecurityCoreGrailsPlugin.groovy:151) (… snip …) Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: DefaultSecurityConfig … 61 more | Error Error generating web.xml file then try … Continue reading

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